Logos playing theremin

Logos is the musical identity of composer and producer Jim "Andor" Genaro. His music has been described as "narrative trance" because of the way it uses the sounds and textures of electronic dance music to tell a story, taking the listener on a musical journey.

His most recent album, Songs for Coralyn, was released in 2013 and traverses a broad range of styles from psytrance to ambient to downtempo dance tunes layered with cellos, violins, and other live instruments.

Based in Asheville, N.C., Logos has released five studio albums since he began writing music under the name in 2002. Though initially focused on ambient experiments with human voice and electronic elements, he later went on to develop a more danceable style, drawing influences from EDM, as well as industrial, progressive rock, world music, and even classical roots.

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After a period working for Moog Music as a calibration technician, he also began to incorporate analog synthesizers into his work. This interest culminated in an ambitious new undertaking: the PsybOrg, a live performance rig that incorporates analog synths and effect processors, digital controllers, and a theremin (which he uses to manipulate the sounds of the other instruments). All of these elements are integrated in an elegant walnut housing resembling a traditional pipe organ. Fourteen clear plastic "pipes" with LED arrays translate the frequencies of the sound output by the PsybOrg into a visual display, similar to a giant spectrum analyzer. When performing in larger venues, Logos plays the PsybOrg, often accompanied by a live drummer.

Logos is currently working on his sixth studio release, Möbius, a double-length album that is scheduled to come out in early 2015.


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